Our Services

North Scottsdale Speech & Language pediatric speech therapy services include evaluation and treatment of:

  • Receptive language development (Comprehension)
  • Expressive language development (Spoken Language); articulation, voice, fluency, dysarthria, apraxia
  • Communication skills and social interaction
  • Cognition, problem solving, reasoning, orientation to space and time and memory
  • Pre-speech & feeding skills, swallowing and oral-motor/speech disorders
  • Augmentative and alternative communication (Communication boards and devices)
  • Sign language
  • Parent education and development of home programs to accelerate progress
  • Collaboration with other therapists and specialists, including occupational and developmental therapists, physicians, teachers and school therapists
  • Consultations

Several types of consultations are available for families and therapists.

Initial and ongoing speech/language/oral-motor consultations consist of informal assessments, observations and verbal discussion along with recommendations.

A written report is not prepared unless you make special arrangements prior to the consult.

As a parent, ongoing consultations are recommended and consist of phone conversations or scheduled appointments to discuss your child’s therapy goals and progress free of charge.


Several types of evaluations are available depending on the areas of concern.

All evaluations consist of formal and/or informal testing of specific areas, parent interview and informal observation of speech and language skills.

Length of testing may range from 1-2 hours.

A written report is included.


Therapy sessions are 60 minutes each, and vary in frequency depending on the individual needs of the child.

Daily session updates will be provided regarding progress and suggested home practice activities will be given.

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